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Homeschooling is a wonderful option for families who want to integrate their faith and values into their children's education. Bible studies can be a valuable tool in achieving this goal. By incorporating Bible teachings into your homeschooling curriculum, you can help your children grow in their faith and gain a deeper understanding of God's love and teachings.

Did you know that the Rewbi Bible studies are tailored to meet the needs of homeschoolers? Our studies come with discussion questions that work well as essay question topics. These essays can be used as part of an English or Bible course, making them an excellent choice for homeschoolers looking to enhance their children's education. Plus, we offer an answer guide that includes a grading rubric for the essays!


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If you're a homeschool educator looking for inspiration, we highly recommend checking out the following books. And for even more inspiration, consider joining our parent company's free online Homeschool Educator's Book Clubs held throughout the year. You can learn more about these clubs by clicking here.


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More Than Enough by Kara S Anderson

“Don’t let your definition of success be defined by someone else. Because in the end, this is your story to write with your kids.” – Kara S Anderson

Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie

“Meaningful learning happens when our children wrestle directly with great ideas – not as a result of our repackaging those great ideas, but when they interact with the ideas themselves.” -Sarah Mackenzie

Joy in the Journey by Lori Hatcher

“This is the beauty of homeschooling – you can adjust your plan to meet your child’s needs.” – Lori Hatcher

Real Homeschool – Letting Go of the Pinterest-Perfect and Instagram-Ideal Homeschool by Karen DeBeus

“The problem comes when we compare our homeschool to others and when we start to doubt ourselves because of what everyone else is doing. The problem comes from focusing on the outside more than the inside.” – Karen Debeus

Teaching in Your Tiara by Rebecca Frech

“So, I have to ask: why are you letting other people define what normal is for your child? Why are you letting people you don’t trust to educate them dictate what limits they should live within?”

-Rebecca Frech


Overwhelmed Biblical & practical ways to manage a crazy-busy homeschool life by Terrie Bentley McKee

“It's when we try to compare and keep up with other homeschoolers, public or private schools, or other families - instead of following where God leads - that we become overwhelmed." - Terrie Bentley McKee

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