About Rewbi Bible Studies

Rewbi exists to provide Bible studies that help you read through the entire books of the Bible and think critically about what you read, so you can discover what God is revealing about himself and how you can apply it to your life.

Our studies facilitate active learning and engagement by guiding you to discover the meaning of each verse. We also provide links to additional resources to enhance your learning experience.

Rewbi Bible Studies donates a portion of our profits to local non-profits that are meeting the needs of homelessness in the Upstate of SC.

We hope our studies help you dig deeper into God's word and give you tools to REad the Whole BIble!

About the Author

Lara Caldwell has been involved in homeschooling for over sixteen years and taught both her daughters from kindergarten to graduation. She is director of The South Carolina Homeschool Accountability Association (TSCHAA), which provides SC homeschoolers a legal option to homeschool. 


After her family's homeschool journey ended, Lara decided to continue her education and began taking courses through Christian Leaders Institute. She earned a Christian Ministry Certificate, which she added to her Bachelor's in Elementary Education from Clemson University. 

Lara's desire to strengthen her Bible knowledge and encourage others to read the whole Bible led to the creation of Rewbi Bible Studies. 

She lives with her amazing husband, youngest daughter, and a plethora of furry family on a hobby farm in South Carolina.